Seneca School Launches 7th Year of History Project

Not one to rest on its laurels, Seneca School began the 2007-2008 school year with field trips to review Seneca’s history for students previously involved in the History Project and to introduce the subject to new students and a new teacher.  The school retraced Seneca’s steps in history with another exploration of the site of Camp 1, once again discovering treasures heretofore unseen.  Many of these were brought back to the school for further study and possible inclusion in the school museum.

Also retracing steps taken in the first year of the History Project, the school traveled once again to Burns to visit the Harney Co. Museum and its extensive collection relating to the Edward Hines Lumber Co.  Joanna Corson, the last secretary of Hines Lumber Co. before it closed down, graciously served as tour guide.

The old Bear Valley Lodge, now the Bear Cat Lodge under new ownership, was an exciting destination, since most of the students had visited the old boarding house in its first stages of renovation.  The new owners, J.W. Everitt and Carol Chaffee, have poured love, time, skill, and money into a beautiful restoration that will keep this historical treasure standing and in use for years to come.  One of the rooms will be left in its original condition as a mini museum of the old Hines Lumber Co. days.

Once immersed in Seneca’s historical background, students then began the next round of interviews for the future second volume of the Oral History Book.  Four new interviews were conducted by mixed-grade teams (grades 1-8).  After hours of interviewing, students spent many more hours reviewing notes and collaborating to write rough drafts.  This is a very long, tedious process!  Students expect to have final drafts ready for final acceptance and publication by the end of the school year.