Dairy Queen and Ox Bow Trade Co.

preparing for field trip
Grades 1 & 2 with upper grade partners preparing for the field trip
History Lessons at Dairy Queen and Ox Bow Trading Co.

Seneca School students took a trip to town on Sept. 17 to supplement their history project. One stop was at the John Day Dairy Queen, where Pete Teague gave a thorough explanation of the model train display that was constructed to represent the Oregon and Northwestern railroad built by Hines Lumber Co. to carry logs from Seneca to their mill at Hines. After answering questions, Mr. Teague operated the trains for the students while they bought and enjoyed ice cream treats.

display at Dairy Queen
Pete Teague explains the Oregon & Northwestern Railroad display at the John Day Dairy Queen.

The other stop was at the Ox Bow Trade Co., where Jim Jensen gave a tour which emphasized equipment once used in ranching, logging, and railroad operations. Students were especially thrilled with a “school bus sled” that would haul eight students. Originally it was used to transport railroad workers. Its narrow runners ran between the rails of the tracks.

Jim Jensen
Jim Jensen points out an artifact at the
Ox Bow Trading Company.
school bus sled
Students look at "school bus sled" awaiting
restoration at Ox Bow.