Annual Penny Trip to Sumpter

May 27, 2004: All the pennies we collect during the year and work with in math are taken to the bank and traded for dollar bills, which we then spend on a trip.  We went to Sumpter to ride the train (the closest thing we can get to the Seneca train).   

Dodie always goes with us because she contributes pennies to the cause throughout the year.  You should've seen her face when she met our conductor, who just happened to be a Seneca School graduate and whose sister had once been married to Dodie's brother!  His name is Dan Denham, and his father worked for Hines in the shops on the boilers.  His family moved here when he was in third grade, and he went through eighth grade, then on to Grant Union.  He was so tickled to have a bunch of Seneca kids on the train, and we got special treatment too.

All aboard!

Tickets, please.

Sidebar: Martin is in contact with Dan and will be interviewing him soon. Since Martin works year-round he may get the interview with Dan posted before school starts. But Martin's emphasis will be on the period when rail-road maintenance for the Oregon & Northwestern Railroad was moved from Seneca to Burns and the eventual dismantelling of the railroad between Seneca and Burns.