History Walk
K-4, September 2004


K-4 Students on the steps of the main entrance to the Bear Valley Lodge. The group is talking a walking tour of some of Seneca’s historic sites.

Pointing to the hill where the Edward Hines Lumber Co. tested their track-equipped logging equipment. The site was known as "Cat Test Hill".

At the students feet is a chunk of cement still showing the light-blue paint from the old swimming pool which was located next to the "train shops" west of the highway. Enough of the pool "chunks" remain that one can figure out this was a swimming pool

Currently this field serves as a pasture. Once upon a time it was the playing field of the company's Seneca Loggers baseball/softball field.

Each year less remains of what once was. Here the students are standing on the site of the train shops where Hines maintained their railway equipment. The students are standing on one of the last remaining embedded rails at the ship site.

An aerial view of the "Seneca Shops" from the "old days". Notice the white slab in front of the building with the smoke stack: that is the swimming pool. The rail track that heads off the photo at upper left circled around and served a dry kiln & planer operation originally built by Speck (Lloyd) Hudspeth, serving his lumbering operations in Grant County. The rail track continued eastward into the forests east of Seneca where Hines built many logging spurs for transporting logs to the sawmill in Hines.

Commonly known as "Seneca Planer", this shows the site from the air, date unknown, but at the height of operations. The wigwam burner and the two sheds in the foreground near Highway 395 are still standing.

Going for a fall swim, no lifeguard needed.