Riders’ Boxcar Story

          In Don Rider’s backyard is a boxcar with quite a history behind it.  It began its service with Hines Lumber Co. as housing in Camp 1.  When Camp 1 closed, the boxcar was moved into Seneca and placed on the tracks by the stockyard.  Later it was relocated out on the siding at the shops.  In both new locations, it continued to serve as housing.

          Once again the boxcar was moved, this time out to the woods near the truck barns at Summit Prairie, still providing housing.  It also served the bosses as a hunting camp party shack!

          The boxcar was again returned to Seneca.  This time the wheels were removed and it was remodeled into a Laundromat.  After that, Don Rider purchased it and remodeled it again into an apartment with a front room and a bedroom.  Now it’s a shed in his backyard.  It originally had a kitchen, but that’s gone.  The siding is still original, as are the windows (although not all of those are in their original locations).