The Field Trip to Camp 1

NOTE: In the Spring of 2006, students returned to Camp 1. Click here to see the latest treasure they found and other photos of their visit.

Here we are. Lunch is finished and we're ready to set off to explore the Camp 1 site.
Scattered around the Camp 1 site were what appeared to be sites of 'houses.' Here our legs are extended into a depression, the purpose of which we aren't sure.
Rubble from rotted logs marks the location of the log deck for the sawmill that was located at Camp 1. This sawmill was primarily used for making thousands of railroad ties that were used on the railroad between Burns and Seneca. Later, the sawmill did make some lumber that was used in the construction of the town of Seneca.
More evidence of the old log deck. These logs were from smaller trees. The large trees were saved for use in the 'real' sawmill at Hines.

Behind us you see some remains of the timbers that were part of the sawmill. This mill was small and fit into the category of 'portable.'

We end at the beginning: this is a shot of us having lunch before we started our exploration.