The Walking Field Trips

(Spring 2002, page #1)

First, the visit to Bear Valley Lodge. This included grades 5-8 only.
This is the lodge's basement. The wires in the ceiling are for hanging laundry.
Bed inspection in one of the second floor sleeping rooms.
Mr. Griffiths outside Room 201.
Mr. Griffiths shows off the lodge lobby as he has restored it for his family's use.

K-2 hike around town and out past Big Tree.
These 2 houses were built from 2 joined boxcars. We could see their shape and where they were joined.
The kids were excited to actually see the shape of a boxcar (in the houses they're pretty well camouflaged).
Some of the kids stand in front of Don and Linda Pace's boxcar home, built from 3 boxcars. Linda gave us a tour inside and we could clearly distinguish all 3 boxcars.
This is the house where the nurse practitioner lived. Carine Williams was the first nurse practitioner in the United States.
Kids stand before an apple tree growing in the cut of one of the many logging spurs just east of town. We walked this spur to where it met Rd. 16. Kids had fun calling out "cut" and "fill" as they walked along.
Rd 16: USFS garage and house on left. The fence on right is edge of former cheese boxes location. Beyond USFS house and the fence, the road was lined with bunkhouses.

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