Up until recently, Martin Morrisette of Bend, OR, maintained a website dedicated to the history of logging in Eastern and Central Oregon. While doing research on this subject for his book GreenGold, he came to know the town of Seneca and its school and became interested in the school's history project. From that point on he dedicated a portion of his website to following the progress of the school and its project.

Martin completed the research for his book, published it, and has decided to move on to a new project. Because he decided to discontinue maintaining his website, "Oregon" he was gracious enough to donate the site and its contents to the Seneca School. He is allowing the school to present all of his material here on our website from now on. This is a great opportunity to allow the school to continue to present all that its students are doing to preserve the history of Seneca and its people for all to see.

Included in Martin's site is not only a recap of all that has been done to date on the Seneca School History Project, but also a number of webpages with history and photos of the logging operations started by Fred Herrick and Edward Hines Lumber. There is also a webpage with the complete second edition of Martin's book, Oregon GreenGold for all to read and enjoy. Martin has given the Foundation the rights to make this digital version of the book available for you to read.

The Seneca School and the Seneca School Foundation want to thank Martin for his support of the school and its students this past several years. Martin was recognized for his support during the 2007 Seneca reunion by receiving an award making him an honorary Seneca Kid.

Click here to go to see the material Martin has donated to the school.

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