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The old Seneca School has been around for quite some time now. Those many years have taken their toll on the old building. In 2000, a county-wide school bond initiative was put before the citizens for a vote. Had it passed, it would have provided the Seneca School with $214,000 to make much needed structural repairs and modernization renovations.

Unfortunately, the bond issue was voted down. Since that time, there have been funds provided by Grant School District #3 and contributions in various forms from the community to make certain critically needed repairs to the building, but there are still major problems with the building, which, all totaled, will cost well in excess of $250,000 to resolve. Those repairs must be made in the next few years, preferably sooner, if the building is to remain structurally sound and provide a safe and healthy environment for the students and staff.

Beyond these requirements, there are a number of renovations and modernization initiatives that the staff feel are needed in order to enable them to provide the Seneca students with educational opportunities and learning enhancements currently not available to them. It is estimated that these modernization improvements would require an additional $150-250,000 in funding. These improvement projects could be done gradually over the long-term and as additional funds came available. They would also be second in priority to all near-term, critically needed repairs. Consequently, they will not be presented at this point in time, but as other critical repair projects are completed, you will be apprised of these proposals.

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