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A study was conducted a few years ago to determine what deficiencies required attention and what was needed to make the repairs. "The Matrix Study" (TMS), as it is referred to, determined that one of the top priorities, if not THE top priority for repair at the Seneca School was the roof covering the gym and the adjacent corridor. TMS estimated the cost of restructuring these two roof systems at 3900 sq. ft. x $15/sq. ft. = $58,500 plus an estimated contingency of $3000 and estimated project overhead costs at $7,313, for a total estimated cost of $71,663. It is not certain how accurate this amount is. It was the architect’s best estimate at that time, based on a general concept.

Other important projects that will need to be addressed in the near-term are (prioitized according to immediate need):

  • The heating and ventilation system needs to be improved to increase efficiency, including more energy efficient windows to keep out the cold blasts of air from Seneca winters.

  • The roof over the entire building needs to be upgraded in order to continue to protect the overall structure.

  • The girls and boys locker rooms have been in need of major renovations for years now. In recent years, students are no longer allowed to shower on the school premises because the shower rooms and showers were substandard.

  • Hopefully, the drainage problem has been resolved as a result of the work done to reroute the flow of runoff water. Unfortunately, prior to this, the water flowing under the building over the years caused a great deal of damage, especially to the gymnasium. Repairs to the subfloor have been made as they have been needed each time, but the entire subfloor, floor, and wall bottoms (the floor and walls have separated) must be completely overhauled to bring the gym back to the condition that the older Seneca Kids remember.

  • Because the roof has been in such poor condition the past several years, there has been a significant amount of water damage to the interior structure of the building. Plaster from the ceilings falling to the floor is not an unusual occurence. Cracked plaster and discoloration from moisture in the walls is evident throughout the building. An assessment of structural damage must be made. If it is determined that structural repairs or upgrades are required, then they and a complete renovation (replastering and repainting) of the interior walls and ceilings will require funding.

  • We all know what the winters in Seneca are like and they have been hard on the school's exterior as well. Repairs and painting have taken place as needed, but, again, in piecemeal fashion based on dollars available and critical need. As with the interior, a thorough assessment must be made and a plan developed for a complete renovation of the building exterior to reinforce its capability to stand up to the elements and to guarantee the longevity of the entire structure.

  • Also, prior to the work done to mitigate the water problem under the building, during Spring runoff and major rain storms, water would accumulate on the floor of the basement, in the library, the office, and the boiler room. A provisional wooden floor was built to keep people and property out of the water. Though the water problem as been hopefully taken care of, this floor must be replaced with a more durable and permanent solution.

  • With today's ever-increasing demands for electrical power, the electrical system must be assessed regarding its ability to keep pace with those demands. It is most likely there will be a requirement to upgrade the entire system to ensure a safe and efficient source of power for the long-term.

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