Seneca Logger Memorial Scholarship Application
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The Scholarship program was developed and implemented to do two important things. Firstly, the program is to provide the structure to manage and coordinate multiple scholarship funds. Secondly, and most importantly, it provides the organization with a means to 1) offer Seneca School students incentives to do their best in school and assist them to achieve their goals and 2) to provide the Seneca School with yet more good reasons for people from outside the immediate vicinity of Bear Valley to want to send their children to attend school in Seneca and consequently, increase the much needed enrollment figures to allow the school to remain in operation.

It is the hope of the TSSF Board of Directors that as the Foundation develops and matures, the Scholarship Program will consist of a variety of scholarship funds conceived and supported by individuals and/or different groups of Seneca Kids with similar "Seneca connections" and interests. The type and number of funds will only be limited by the ideas you have and the interest you have to start and support such a fund.

The first scholarship fund in the program was started in October 2002 upon approval of the Board of Directors. It is called The Seneca Logger Memorial Scholarship Fund (TSL). The first $500 scholarship was presented during the graduation ceremony of the 8th Grade Class of 2003 to the one and only applicant, but only after it was determined that the applicant met all of the minimum selection criteria and was deserving of a scholarship. This was a very special evening. Butter Shields, one of two of the remaining original members of the Seneca Logger Softball team of the 1930's was present to make the presentation. Click here to see more about the 2003 scholarship presentation.

To see more about presentations made since that first year, click the year you would like to see.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

In 2011, due to the projected reduction in school aged children county-wide, the Grant County School District was reorganized to more efficiently utilize staff and resources. The new organization went into effect for School Year 2013. Beginning the Fall of 2012 children who would be in the 7th and 8th grades in Seneca, will attend school at the Grant Union Junior and High School in John Day. The Seneca School will continue the K - 6 programs.

With 8th grade graduations no longer taking place in Seneca, it was evident we would have to modify The Seneca Logger Memorial Scholarship. The background and details of the new scholarship can be seen by clicking here. The plan is to present the first $1000-scholarship to the most deserving eligible member of the 2014 Senior class at the Grant Union High School graduation.

Anyone interested in learning more about the TSSF Scholarship Program or having ideas or an interest to participate, please feel free to write us an email message by clicking here .*

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