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Setting up and Arrivals
Registration Mugshots
Under the Big Top
Around the School
Speeches and Award Presentations
Show and Tell
Jack Southworth's Slideshow and Seneca Kid Testimonials
Steve Martin Concert
More Photos as Presented by Martin Morrisette

The party is now over and what a party it was! We think we can speak for everyone who attended in saying it was a great day! For those who were there, thanks so much for coming and thank you all for your contributions. For those who couldn't make, we really missed you all and are sorry you missed out on a fun day with old friends and schoolmates. Click here for a recap of the day.

Photos in the photo album were provided by Tom Skeins, Judith Reed Beaudet, and Jim Rhodes.Tom has created a CD with all of the pictures you will see on this site and more. For best viewing of the photos, once you get into each album press the F11 key on your keyboard to put your web browser into the full screen mode. Press it again when you want to go back to a normal window view.

Judith Beaudet Reed will be the point of contact for obtaining a copy of this CD. You can purchase one by clicking here and sending Judith a message. Included in your message should be the quantity you want, and your mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

Cost of the CD is $7.50 plus shipping and handling. If you are local you can purchase directly from Judith and forego the S&H. If you are having the CD mailed to you, Judith will inform you of the total cost to you and then you will need to send a personal check or money order to her before she will mail out the CD.

If anyone has photos they took and would be willing to share them with us, please let us know by clicking here and sending us a message.

Click here to see the Blue Mountain Eagle article written prior to the reunion.

Click here to see the article in the July 27 edition of the Blue Mountain Eagle as reported by Tina Cook recapping different interesting aspects of the reunion .

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