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From all accounts, the reunion and this year's Oyster Feed were outstanding successes. To the left you'll find a link to the article written in the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper recapping the day's events. Click here to see what some who attended had to say. We'd appreciate hearing what you thought about the day and your ideas for the next reunion. Just click here to send us an email.

We have a few photos taken by the volunteers who worked the registration desk that day. You can view them by going to the photo album link. For best viewing of the photos, once you get into the album press the F11 key on your keyboard to put your web browser into the full screen mode. Press it again when you want to go back to a normal window view.

We ask those who attended that if you took photographs of your own, we'd appreciate it if you could send us copies to be included in our collection here on this site.

Emailing them to us would be the most efficient way to get them to us. Just click here to start a message and then attach copies of your photos to the message. It is preferable that if you are sending several photos, send multiple messages with only a couple photos attached to each message. Some email systems will not accept messages that are too large

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