In these times of dwindling funds at all levels of the government, the Seneca School, like many other small rural schools, is constantly being considered for major reductions and ultimately, closure. Because of its talented staff, progressive programs and the exceptional quality of the students it prepares each year for high school, it has continued to prove its worth and importance to the community.

The school can no longer fight this financial battle without help. Additional support from the community and its alumni of the past seven decades is essential if its doors are to stay open for business. The Seneca School Foundation was established to provide the community and the alumni an organized means to give that support by acting as a conduit for all types of private contributions. Donors can support the school through tax-deductible contributions, memorials, bequests, and other gifts.

As can be seen in greater detail in the Programs section of the website, the Foundation also works with the school in effecting building repairs and upgrades and purchasing needed educational equipment. College scholarships are also offered to graduating eighth grade students as an incentive to help them make the most of their high school experience in preparation for college. It is an enormous amount of money that is needed for these programs and projects over the next few years.

Becoming a part of the team to save the Seneca School can be as simple as making a cash donation to the Seneca School Foundation. Some other ways you can contribute are:

  • Memorials

  • Will bequests

  • Trusts

  • Gifts of long-term stocks or bonds

  • Gifts of life insurance policies

  • Gifts of goods or property

  • Your time and skills

Regardless of how you decide to contribute, your gift will be tax-deductible and will be used to benefit the school, its students and, ultimately, the Seneca Community.

Seneca is one the last havens in America where kids can still be kids and grow up the way their parents and their grandparents did. The Seneca School has played, and continues to play an essential role in that phenomenon. Become a part of that story, won’t you?

Click here to see a folder that you can print at home, fill out, and mail in to provide us with information as to how to contact you, to make contributions, or merely to ask questions or request further information.

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